Junior Club Championships 2023


Leixlip Tennis Club hosted its annual Junior Tennis Club Championship throughout a thrilling Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday, showcasing the remarkable talents of our young tennis players. The event featured diverse age groups, including players under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. The championship was expertly organised and managed by our dedicated club coaches, Liam and Nicki, with invaluable assistance from the junior committee members Laura, Deirdre, and Nigel not forgetting the additional support of Michelle Corrigan

Event Details


The championship kicked off on Friday afternoon and ran into the evening with matches for the under 8, 10, 12 and 16 age categories. The atmosphere was electric, with parents, family members, and fellow club members coming out to support our budding tennis stars. The event was structured as follows:

Under 8 Category

The youngest participants displayed remarkable enthusiasm and talent on the court. Their matches were filled with exciting rallies and impressive shots, showcasing the future of our tennis club. Peter Heaphy and Ridit Inani contested the final, with Ridit taking the title in an exciting under eight match.

Under 10 Category

The under-10 players demonstrated remarkable skill and sportsmanship, leaving the spectators in awe with their powerful shots and well-executed serves. Alexander Gladcenco and Evan O'Sullivan contested the boy's final, with Evan coming through a great match on the number one court.

Under 12 Category

The under-12 matches were highly competitive, and the boys and girls showed impressive control and consistency in some of the most competitively contested matches of the weekend, with all the players vying for a place in the semi-final stages of the tournament. Liam Downey, Aidan Heaphy, Sean O'Brien and Sai Arshan Getty all won through to reach the semi-final stages of the boys under 12 to be played on Saturday.


The excitement continued on Saturday with the semi-finals and finals for the under 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 categories, and also the doubles events. The day kicked off with the girls under ten final between Annabel McCormack and Fiona Daza, with Fiona eventually coming through in a super match. The day was marked by some extremely intense contests and spirited performances from our junior players

Under 12 Category

Liam Downey fought through to the boys under 12 title in a closely contested final match with Aidan Heaphy. On the girl's side, Laura Escuder Duggan fought off a stern challenge from Martyna Redziak to take the girls under 12 title.

Under 14 Category

The under-14 players showed everyone watching a high level of skill and strategy, with long rallies and intense matches that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Vesco Marinov overcame Paddy Corrigan in the boys under 14 final, reversing the result from last year.

The girl's under 14 final was another closely contested match, with Aleksandra Zagula coming through against Eabha McDonnell to take the girls under 14 title.

Under 16 Category

The under-16 category showcased some of our club's best up and coming players, with powerful, precise groundstrokes on display in both the girl's final between Caoimhe Dunne and Grace Kelly and the boy's final between Ivan Bannon and Eoin Craven.

In two closely contested matches, Caoimhe Dunne and Eoin Craven secured their places as the under-16 club champions for 2023.

Under 18 Category

In the under-18 category this year, there was just a girl's event. However, the girls didn't disappoint. Isabelle Kelly and Aoife Reville competed in the girls' final match of the under-18 competition and demonstrated exceptional maturity and skill on the court. The game fully engaged the spectators as the two girls played every point with precision and a clear strategy in mind. Fresh from her victories in the senior club championships, Isabelle Kelly came through this one in the final match of the Junior Championships for 2023.

Organising Team

The championship's success can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the organising team.

Our experienced club coaches, Liam and Nicki, expertly managed the tournament, ensuring it ran smoothly and efficiently. Their guidance and coaching have played a crucial role in developing our junior players at the club.

They were supported by the junior committee members, Laura, Deirdre, and Nigel. They played a vital role in organising logistics, coordinating matches, and supporting players and spectators throughout the championship. And a special mention to Michelle Corrigan for her help and support over the weekend.

The Leixlip Junior Club Championship was a resounding success, showcasing our young tennis players' incredible talent and dedication. The event would not have been possible without the hard work and commitment of our coaches, Liam and Nicki, and the invaluable assistance of the junior committee members, Laura, Deirdre, and Nigel. We look forward to seeing these promising junior players continue to excel and grow within our tennis club in the coming years. Congratulations to all participants and winners!