Floodlights Usage

Members can now use a mobile device to pay for and switch on the floodlights. Mwmebers will need to create an account with Lighting Sports, tokens can be purchased and the floodlights can be activated.

Tokens can be purchased in quantities of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 at a cost of €1.10 each, meaning the minimum charge will be €11.

Each token will provide 15 minutes of illumination on the chosen court. The ability to use the lights in 15-minute increments should provide more flexibility for players.

Multiple players can share the cost of lights for the courts. Each player can select the same court and number of tokens to use. When they hit 'Switch Lights on', the time for each token accumulates.

Getting Started

Step 1: Scan QR code above to download the Web App or use the link here.

Step 2: Select Register and enter your details.

Step 3: Log in and use the secure card payment icon to purchase tokens in optional quantities.