Club Rules

All court users must observe the following rules:

  1. Smoking is strictly forbidden on the courts and in the Clubhouse.
  2. Drinking glasses or glass bottles may not be taken on to tennis courts.
  3. Chewing gum is strictly forbidden on the tennis courts.
  4. During play, all items not in use in play must be secured away from playing area.
  5. Clothing worn on court must be appropriate to the game of tennis and to the court surfaces.
  6. Non tennis playing children are not allowed on court or to roam around courts while parents / guardians are playing.
  7. Children under 14 years (whether members or not) should not be left unsupervised on the courts or in the vicinity of the courts /clubhouse at any time.
  8. Junior members under 14 years of age must vacate the courts at 7.00 pm
  9. Juniors who have been specifically allowed to commence play on a floodlit court shall be allowed to finish their time even if this runs past the 7.00 pm deadline provided that play had commenced not later than 6.30 pm. and /or not more than 15 minutes paid lighting time remains.
  10. In representative competition (Junior and Senior), clothing worn on court must be appropriate to the game of tennis and should ideally display the Club Logo.
  11. Adult Members have first preference on all courts on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, and on all days after 7.00 p.m., except as otherwise declared for Junior Practice sessions and competition. During June, July and August juniors aged 14 – 18 may play later with parental permission, if courts are available.
  12. Between the hours of 12 noon and 7.00 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, no more than 3 courts may be set aside on which rule 11 will not apply, where a parent, who is an Adult Member, is playing with one (or more) of his children who is (or are) a Junior Member(s).
  13. During school holidays the number of courts which may be occupied by Adult Members up to 7:00p.m. from Monday to Friday inclusive(but public holidays excluded),shall not exceed three, save at certain designated times(to be prominently displayed in the weeks ahead) when the number may be reduced to two . The courts to be used shall be designated by a supervising official. For the purposes of this bye-law school holidays are defined as the three weeks of Christmas (excluding December 24th to January 1st inclusive), the Easter fortnight, and the months of June, July and August.
  14. During officially sanctioned Competitions Bye-Laws 11, 12 and 13 will not apply
  15. Holding of courts is not allowed, i.e. leaving racquet on court or only one member present on court.
  16. A court may not be occupied by a sole player for the purpose of practice or otherwise, when there are others waiting to play singles or doubles.
  17. Club competition and challenge matches, once started, shall be played to a conclusion whether played in daylight or floodlight conditions. Club competitions are: Spring Championships, Summer Handicaps, Club Championships, Business Houses Competition, Christmas Competition, After Christmas Open and any such other competitions as may be arranged by the Tennis Competitions Committee from time to time.
  18. Where Club Competitions are organised at more than one level, then the winners and runner-up of the lower levels will in the next competition not be eligible to play at the same level but must move to the next highest level while the bottom two of the higher level must move down to the next lower level.
  19. Dublin Tennis League, Provincial Towns Cup, Provincial Towns Leagues, Inter-club League (including Morning Ladies League), Leinster Challenge Cup, open tournaments, Inter-provincial and International matches shall have priority use of courts at all times.
  20. A player who does not make himself available for selection in the Summer Leagues, by virtue of opting for another club, will not be eligible for entry to the Senior or Junior Club Championship singles, doubles or mixed doubles in that calendar year.
  21. Seniors playing with Juniors assume the status of Juniors except:
    • When playing in club or league competitions.
    • When playing in Ladder challenges.
    • When playing in an official league team practice as notified.
    • As specified elsewhere at Bye-law 12
    • Note: Two Juniors playing Senior Ladder challenges, or in other Senior events do not assume Senior status.
  22. Where there is considerable pressure for courts, players should limit play to one hour or give precedence to double pairings.
  23. Members must respect Club property at all times
  24. Racquet, ball or net abuse is strictly forbidden
  25. Abusive or inappropriate language is forbidden
  26. Bullying / intimidation of any kind is strictly forbidden
  27. Bicycles should be placed in the stands provided and must not be brought on to court or chained to the fencing
  28. All refuse should preferably be brought home or at least placed in the bin provided.
  29. Members who persistently disobey club byelaws will, in the first instance, be warned that further transgressions may lead to disciplinary action.
  30. Any Adult or Student Member bringing a Playing Guest on court must notify his intention to do so to a committee member prior to doing so and is responsible for collection of the Court Fee.
  31. Junior members are NOT PERMITTED to bring a Guest.